Mwansa the Great

Mwansa the Great



An eight-year-old boy who aspires to be a hero embarks upon a journey to prove his greatness, with unexpected consequences. A moving insight into childhood where fantasy jostles with reality as a young boy’s imagination transforms and empowers everyday life.

This multi award winning short film will be screened on 22nd of May in St Johns College at 6PM.

Director Rungano Nyoni’s Statement

I wanted the film to reflect the bitter sweetness of growing up in Zambia, surrounded by immensely devastating things but in contrast living a pretty normal and fulfilled childhood. Mwansa the Great deals with death through the children’s point of view. Mwansa , Shula and Lackie have recently lost their father. Innocently ,they try and carry on his legacy though their imagination. Shula, the big sister, does this by playing Princess Shula, a nickname given to her by her father. Mwansa plays Mwansa The Great, also something his father used to call him. Lackie, plays with a doll their father made for her. I wanted to capture the importance of dreaming big despite adverse circumstances. Mwansa dreams of being reunited with his Dad again, through his imagination he does so and at the end of the film he gets what he wants.


*Best Short Film Nomination – British Academy of Film and Television 2012
* Best Short Film Nomination – African Movie Academy Awards 2012
*Youth Jury Award – Regensburg Short Film Week 2012
* Special Jury Mention – Curtocircuito Int Film Festival 2011
* Audience Award – Vienna Independent Shorts 2011
* Griot Best Short Film – Tarifa African Film Festival 2011
* RTVA Award – Tarifa African Film Festival 2011
* Best Short Film – Naoussa International Film Festival 2011
* Best Directing – Naoussa International Film Festival 2011
* Best Editing – Naoussa International Film Festival 2011
* Prix de Signes – International Festival Signes de Nuit 2011
* Audience Award – Austin Film Festival 2011
* Best Short Film – Film Africa, London 2011
* Best Int. Short – CUSCO Peru 2011
* Best Int. Short -Aguiler de Campoo Film Festival 2011
* Best Int. Short – La Meko Film Festival 2011
* Jury Special Mention – Winterthur Film Festival 2011


Filmography Rungano Nyoni:
2011: Mwansa The Great, fiction, HD, 23 mins, Zambia / UK
2009: The List, fiction, HD, 19 mins, UK
2009: 20 Questions, fiction, HD, 10 mins, UK
2006: Yande, fiction, 8mm, 7 mins, UK

Welcome to Cork African Film Festival Mwansa the Great!!




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