About CAFF

We are motivated by the concept that African stories for generations have been told by those on the periphery of African society and now finally, through the growth of the film industry in Africa, African story-tellers are carving their own space in Africa’s documented journey. We are particularly aware of the power of film in building new paradigms. We continue to actively promote the festival to all communities as an inclusive opportunity to engage with Africa’s emerging film industry.

We have also found that African film often has a different take on universal concepts which we hope may inspire some local filmmakers to take a more global perspective and increase the rich diversity of films already being made in Cork.

Our Objectives

• To challenge peoples perspectives of Africa
• To create a platform for African filmmakers living in Ireland and abroad
• To break down existing barriers between the African community & other communities living in Ireland
• To build a bridge between filmmakers in Ireland and Africa

Africans in Ireland

Through our research of films since the group came together it is clear that stories told by someone that truly understands the experience is a powerful tool. It is this realisation that inspired the concept of having a category for African filmmakers based in Ireland. What better way to try and understand the experience of those with African roots that are now also embedded within Irish communities. We hope that through this category a wider audience will be exposed to the contribution that Africans can and are making to the Irish art scene.

If you are an African filmmaker based in Ireland for CAFF 2015 we have a new category just for you!  Please contact through Facebook, twitter or the contact us page on this site for submission options.